Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Little Collections, of mine...

I guess you all got your very own collections don't you ..?

Caps!! I love caps! Ya! That's my collection. For now.. lol...

I used to collect all type of Harry Potter stuff... LOL! You know, I am a fan of Harry Potter Series! So, it's not a very weird thing for me to collect everything of Harry Potter!
I am pretty happy that I get every book of Harry Potter!

And I got even 2 different version and languange for some books! Which is the Chinese and English version.

Sadly, my mum stoped me for buying anymore of English Harry Potter -.-! She think it's a waste!

Hmmm.. For me! They are the BOMB! MAN! If you know what I am saying...

Alright, let's have a look on my caps.. shall we?

And they are now my new BOMB! They rules!


aren't they...


Why don't we have a look at them.. one at a time?
Get yourselves ready for it.. LOL!
The caps are displayed by how much I loved them... the very last cap that is shown would be the cap that I like it lessly.. lol!

The Addidas! I love this one!

I'm sorry... I didn't know about the brand for this one.
But this is the one that costed me SGD80plus!

The Orange Master Cap! I love this one too =)


I lOve this! But I don't think I will be wearing this recently..
The weather is really hot!

Colorful Polka Dots! Toy Box!

To be honest. This is gift by someone. I don't really like this one.
How am I going to match the blinking of it with my clothing?
I wore it only once...
Any of you like this? I can free you if you want...


Alright! You've seen it! Liked any of it? Honestly, I love every of my caps! Except fot the last one.
Im serious! Let me know if you are interested at the last cap!

Little Genius!

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