Monday, March 21, 2011

Avril Lavigne - GoodBye Lullaby

After a long long wait.. And here she is again! Avril Lavigne is finally back with her latest album Goodbye Lullaby!

Damn I miss watching her Best Damn Tour live in Singapore back in 2008? Or 2009? I forgot.

I couldn't resist her power! I mean, when I saw only her dancers and her band, I went completely nuts and crazy. I started to jump and shout long before she herself came out and sing. Silly me..

Well, for those who likes her and her song very very very much.. HIGH 5 :) Why? Obviously because that we have some nice ass music to listen to again..

Ermm.. and for those Avril Lavigne haters, please stay far far far away from me please.. I really dislike my friends who said Avril Lavigne looks like a ghost because of her make up..

It is very very IRONIC when someone goes

And when there is a girls/ladies/chicks/prostitutes with the similar make up but with a super short skirt walked by and they would goes.

Go bang wall please will you? Why is she not going on casting for Paranormal Activity? Instead, you describe her as SUPER HOT.. just because you almost see her underwears or maybe her ass. ZZZZZZ This is plain stupid.

Whatever... anyway.. AVRIL LAVIGNE ROCKS!

And here's the track list that I found from some webby :) Enjoy peeps!

Avril Lavigne Goodbye Lullaby
1. Black Star
2. What the hell
4. Wish you were here
5. Smile
6. Stop standing there
7. I love you
8. Everybody hurts
9. Not enough
10. 4 Real
11. Darlin
12. Remember when
13. Goodbye
14. Alice

And here is the cover of her album Goodbye Lullaby


It's still me :)

Hey! Hey! Hey! I am still alive and not dead yet!!! I will be back! Gosh! Just stay tune aiight?

Saturday, September 4, 2010

I am sorry.. But I am back.

Wow! I've been missing in actiong for how long? A decade? A century? Damn! Slap myself for doing this!
Alright alright, I'll just say it this way..

"Im not busy, Im just lazy and I ran out of fun topic to update this tiny little space here"

But guess what.. Im back! Bla! I seriously don't give a damn how many readers I have right now, Im just updating this "MY OWN WORLD" page for fun :)

And! Im back with something to share with you guys. Well, as some of you may know, that I am currently having my college life. And Im facing lecturers's faces like almost everyday. So yeaaa.. Imma tell you guys something that bugzzz the hell crap outta me for the past few days.

Here goes the story.
As for all the Malaysian, we all know that. Hari Raya is coming on our way. And every freaking schools are replacing their classes as crazily as possible to kill all their students. My college is one of the many schools. So my timetable were totally packed. Im having class from 8 in the morning all the way to 4 in the evening. Totally exchausted after my classes.

And there is one day, when we have to be in the class from 8 straight till 11.30AM. Which is very toturing, as we didn't even have the time to take our breakfast. We normally have a 15minutes break at 9.30. So our lecturer let us out around 9.30. She wanted us to be back in the class after 20minutes. So my friends and I dashed ourselves to the canteen for foods! (Yes, we're all hungry!)

We ordered, and now we wait for our food. (We waited for around 10minutes for our food to be serve)
Once we finished our meal, we left the canteen and head straight back to our lecturing hall.

And here comes the drama~
Our lecturer locked the front door. And we were like.. WTF? But nevermind, the clever me saw the opened back door, so we took the back door to enter the lecturing hall.

"Give me all your names! All of you!"

Our lecturer called out at us. And I was like.. Our name? For what.. So I asked

ME : "What for you needed our names?"

Old hag lecturer : " To deduct your marks!"

ME : " Huh? why?"

Old had lecturer : " For being late in the class."

ME : " Sorry? But it wasn't our fault. We've tried our very best to eat at our fastest speed already. The canteen served our food late. All we could do were to wait for our food!"

Old hag lecturer : " No such thing!"

ME : " Hello? Why not you try to blame the canteen for cooking that slow?"

And I sat myself down without looking back at her or giving my name to her. The old hag attacked once again.

Old hag lecturer : " I also never eat anything okay!"

Honestly and seriously, when she said that, I REALLY REALLY REALLY FEELING LIKE BLOWING THIS BACK AT HER!!
(I mean no offends on whatever you are about to see, that's just something I felt like shouting at my lecturer for being so unreasonable. No offends. Especially to all of our Malays friend out there)

"Hey! You having puasa okay! So you cannot eat! You want US chinese to follow you puasa and starve ourself to death like you do everyday? Thats NONESENSE!"

*DingDong* What does PUASA mean?
Puasa means fasting or abstention. Hari Raya Puasa is also commonly known as Hari Raya Aidilfitri. In Malay the word Hari Raya means ‘A Day Of Celebration’ and Puasa derives from Sanskrit meaning ‘fasting or abstention’. Hari Raya Puasa means‘great day of fasting’ or in actual sense ‘the festival marking the end of a period of fasting’. Hari Raya Puasa is popularly known as Eid Ul Fitr. Hari Raya Puasa marks the end of Ramadan, the holy month of fasting.
In short and a simple way, they stop taking in food at the beginning of a day. They are only allowed to eat after 7? If Im not mistaken. ( Do correct me if Im wrong )

Okay back to my drama.
Well too bad I didn't said that to her. Cause I find it pointless to argue with her. So I sat quietly there. I don't bother to give her my name was because she knew my name all along. LOL!
After she got all of our name, she was still nagging nagging nagging there, and I said..


You think my drama end here? No! There is still more to come!
After 15minutes! We spotted 4 classmates of ours walking at the corridor through the glasses. And I was like.. Uhh! They are so dead!
And you know what, after a 10minutes wait, I still see no sight of them walking into our class. Which I kind of find it weird, so I turned my head back and scan through every faces thats behind my row. And guess what.. I saw 2 of them were already sitting at their seat already! WTF! And where the hell is another 2 gals?

KABOOM! The lecturer caught the 2 gals hidding at the back stair! Which totally gave me LOL!
And guess what reason they gave to the old hag?
THEY SAID THEIR LEG CRAMPED! CANNOT CLIMB THE STAIR! And the lecturer started to call out with her microphone.



And a whole bunch of boys rushed to the back of the hall and tried to help the 2 gals out. Which I SERIOUSLY doubt that they are really having problem with their legs!

After a 10minutes of acting at the back of the lecturing hall, the 2 gal's legs are finally working. lol. They walked themselves back to their seat and sat themselves down. And the lecturer just walk off and continue her lesson. What da hell? She seriously believed that? (Is she lesbo?)

Im totally speechless.

End of my rant! I need to head out to work already! See you guys next time! Promises!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Replacement of Megan Fox in Transformers 3!

Apparently, we know that Megan Fox quited to continue the robot fight in Transformers 3.

Read here.

Hmm.. Honestly, I never like cast changing. Cause I find it weird. Very weird. We have been looking and starring at the same old face for 2 movies already, and now they switch it to a whole new face who play the same role, same character as the previous movies. It's like WTH? So not comfortable with it.

Check out the differences between Megan Fox and her replacement. ( hmm.. that sounds bad.. )

Well that was Megan Fox, and here is Rosie Huntingtong Whiteley.

As many of you might not know who she is. So here I am to tell you who she is.

Obviously, Rosie Hungtingtong Whiteley is her name. She's 23. And she is a model. And she has been working with Victoria's Secret since 2006. ( Don't know what Victoria's Secret is? Google please! )

And bla bla bla.. she is a model. Read here for more of her previous working experiences. She has never been in any movie or any commercial before if Im not mistaken, highly doubting whether will she play well in the third Transformers movie.

Uhh! I still can get over the fact that I am going to see a different face to play as the female lead! Why wHY WHY!? If and only they create a storyline like..

Shia Labeouf got bored and sick and tired of Megan Fox. And decided to dump her and throw her aside. But Shia couldn't find a good reason to leave her, as she has been through all those WAR ZONE with Shia. ( She even cried like crazy when Shia kena bomb by decepticons and nearly killed. )
So, Rosie Huntingtong Whiteley shows up. ( From where I don't know, thats up to the professional script writter to think :P ) And Shia fall in love with Rosie. And Rosie got so turn on with Shia. And Shia turn to Megan and slap her and shoo her out of the movie.
And TaaDaah! Rosie is now replacing Megan as Shia's new GF.

Clever right?

Uhh.. And not to mention about the re-cast for Iron Man 2. Terrence Howard was replaced by Don Cheadle as the role of James Rhodes. ( Click on names to see their hunky faces. )

Sigh Sigh... Well, there must be a cause for them to re-cast. Can't really blame them though.

Let's just hope that the third Transformers will be better than the second one. Frankly speaking, I don't like the second one.

Hehe.. Im not alone at this :) Shia Labeouf the male lead didn't enjoy the film himself as well.

"There are a lot of people that liked the second one, but I hated it. I just didn't enjoy it. I thought we missed the mark. I got confused, I couldn't see what the fuck was going on, you know with certain robots... I couldn't decipher what was happening."

Ow cheer up Transformers die hard fans.. It's not like it is the end of the world :P

Friday, June 25, 2010

Fully booked!

I mean my free times, my spare times :(

Hmm... times that was supposed to be used to play and cheer and blog. It is now packed with school works! Roarrrr!

And that is why I am posting this sign up :P

Do check back my blog afte 5minutes! We'll be back after a 5minutes lunch break. lol

Thursday, June 17, 2010

New Addiction! Bah!

Omfg! This is so freaking funny and addicting!

Heard most of my friends were talking about Glee lately. And I felt like I am so out-dated for not watching it! LOL! So the thought of, Why not I just borrow it from my friend, and watch it at home? Since I got nothing to do at home too, when I got no classes and no work.. Hmm!

I got hooked after I finished Epi 1. It's really amazingly funny and ADDICTING! Well, at least for people at my age.

What do you expect?! It's about college life. I AM having my college life now! Grr!

Oh Oh! One of the funny thing about Glee is the Madonna Episode! EPIC!

Theres 3 of them who never had sex before, and in the Madonna Epi, they are about to do it for the first time! LOL! And you know what, they sing along Madonna's Like A Virgin! Damn damn damn funny I tell you!

Buttttt... It ended up they did nothing but just laying on the bed and talk nonsenses. lol

Santana even asked Finn (if you watch it, you should know who they are) to bring her out for burger?! TOTALLY LOL!

Got to admit that, their singing are really really good!

P/S: Love when they sing Kelly Clarkson's My Life Would Suck Without You. It was really good, it got me feeling like Im having a mini concert at home! I was singing and jumping along with them! (Don't blame me, I was blasting the theatre system.)

Too bad that Episode after Epi 15 isn't available here yet! If any of you from Sibu, happened to see Episode above 15! DO TELL ME ALRIGHT! Cause I am craving for more of GLEE!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Whitney Houston... Before and After.

Check this out...

Now look at this.. and see the difference after 10 years.

Well, I am still proud of her :) Although she sort of disappointed millions of her fans. But she is still brave and DIVA enough to stand before them and performe!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The real sex?!

Ow C'mon wTF?! I totally cannot stand when people brag about how well they are in bed!

Use your stupid brain MR/MRS! Do you even have to brag about yourself? Gosh!! That'll only makes me think that you actually suck big time in bed! Totally don't understand why the hell will people goes...

"My hubby call me a WILD FOX when we were in bed having fun! He coundn't even stand my wildness!"

GO EAT SHIT AND DIE PLEASE! Wild fox? Wow! Sounds so damn attractive and sexy for me! *PUKE*

Well okay, at least this fella didn't mention that straight in front of my face. Saw it on my Facebook's home page! And you guys know what? There is still SO DAMN LOTS of people commenting on the status! Geez! How lame!

And please laaaaaaaaaa... Why fox? Why not tiger or lion or something that looks and sounds bigger and stronger?
Big big hint saying that your just a little pussy cat! Uhhhhh!

"Cannot stand my wildness ~~"


How does a little fox like that get wild alone? I thought fox normally hunt in group? Big time failuer :D

Oh yeah! I want to brag about myself too! Im also wild in bed! But Im also sexy :) But Im not like a Fox.

Im as sexy as...


The little Facebook fella just got owned! :)
So tell me, you want the first FOX, or.. you want the sexy second FOX like me :P

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Disturbance.

Holy cow! I wonder have you guys ever met people like "THIS" on facebook..

"Hey, how old are you?"
"Where are you from?"
"Where are you staying now?"
"Are you staying alone?"
"What's your mobile phone number? Mine XXXXXXXXXX"
"Can we hang out sometimes? Just us?"
'Do you have a BF/GF before?"
"Are you still a virgin?"
"You guys had sex before? I mean, while you guys were still together."
"Can you blow me? Im horny now."

And many more disgusting and irritating questions to come.

Seriously, I didn't even get the chance to reply that person while HE was asking the first 3 questions. And I was like.. WTF? Do I even fucking know you? You haven't even tell me your name yet.. and I have to answer you whether am I staying alone?! How stupid and annoying!

And what come next, after I answered him the first 3 questions? He started to be like he knew me so much(Note that, I don't even know who he is) and talked like we've been knowing each other for more like 10years.. Geez! The fact was that, I just know him for less than 10minutes! How funny! Damn crazy I tell you..

uHH! And the best part is here.. He doesn't seems like he is good in English? I don't know.. But he just doesn't seems like he understand what Im trying to say. Or maybe Im the one with poor English..? Hmm
And I'll have to repeat and repeat what Im saying, and explain and explain on what I am trying to tell him.

And when he was asking for my number, I said I will not GIVE OUT my number. And he sort of went nutz? Saying that he is a good guy, and he won't do anything that will harm me or what, if we ever get the chance to hang out together.

C'mon! Who on earth will believe you?
Alright, will you all believe me that if I tell you guys that Im not going to do anything that might harm you right after I got rejected by you guys to have sex with me..? FOR SURE YOU TRUST SHIT MORE THAN ME RIGHT? Same thing here la!!!

And the next day, he continue asking for my number, and when I repeat that I am not going to give him my number, he replied..
"What do you mean?"

What do I mean? I mean you are not going to get my number! Get it?

And I've been repeating and repeating that I am not going out with him, but he is still trying so damn hard to persuade me to go out with him. Persuading me with the same old stupid technique.. "I am not a bad guy, I won't do things to harm you.."
Yeaaaaaaa rightttttttttt! *ROLL MY BIG BIG EYES*

And believe me, He is still spamming my Facebook chat box! And that is why I am going to delete him off.

And when I've stop replying him on the Facebook chat, he starts to send me Private Message on Facebook. Telling me his mobile phone number and is expecting me to call him.

Oh ya, you all don't come and ask me why do I accept everyone whoever that added me on Facebook alright?

Cause if you ask, Imma tell you this.. Because I don't like to ignore people's friend request. It makes me feel like, Im choosing people to be my friend.

I know you all probably would say that I am also choosing him not to be my friend and stuff.. But will you even go out with a person that sort of freak you out at the first place? Who knew what he is up to. He might knock me out and took all my belongings? And he even offer me a ride! GOD KNOW WHAT HE WANTS LA! ZZZ!

I know this is a random post. But you all know Im sucha random person right?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Big Fish Moment with Pizza Hut!

My oh My! Another blogging contest by Nuffnang.

It is soo perfectly charming this time! Why? Cause you get to eat good food and win cash at the same time! How cool and fun was that! Grr! And to be honest, I am still craving for more of the pizza after having Fish King as my dinner!
*Gain weight Gain weight!*

Bah! It's ok.. Im just too thin, and I need more meats and fats. So don't stop me from eating! Gah
Alright now, cut all my crappy craps! And straight to my entry for the contest! And also my remarkable experience of having Fish King Pizza!



Hi SugarBun! Bye Sugarbun! You're out! Too Bad!


Hi Uncle White! Bye Uncle White! Too bad!


ByeBye Sushi!


We have a winner! Fish King PiJJa!
Here we come!


I'm having my Fish King dinner with my younger brother, Wilson! WeeWee! Well, to be honest, I hate dining alone! So so glad that Wilson is coming along with me.

You guys know what? We both were starving like crazy already, when we were making up our mind on which and what and where to dine! And when we had finally decided to have Fish King Pizza as our dinner, we went to shower ourselves and dress outselves up as QUICK as we could! Totally craving for food like crazy already!

*Dashed into the bathroom, dash out!*

And Taadah! Done preparing, and on our way to the Pizza Hut outlet!
Alright guys and girls! Start off the entry with our cam whore shoot in the lift, when no one's around! But the CCTV was there recording on us cam whoring! LOL! Who care?



Straight to Pizza Hut after we got done cam whoring. After we got seated, without even looking at the menu, we ordered for our long awaited Fish King Pizza! And seriously, if and only the pizza could be serve in 1 minute, and it would be just perfect!

Here's one fake piZZa for ya'll first to drip your saliva. Blek!

Had a sweet and heart warming conversation with Wilson while we were waiting for our pizza to be serve! It's been so long that we both didn't have such a long talk together already! Hmm!

The garlic bread ARRIVED first! Followed by the tasty and mouth watering mushroom soup!

Love mushroom soup with pepper! It just taste GODLIKE! LOL!
The first thing that came across my mind when our mushy soup were served was...


Do not hesitate and just eat, when good foods are right in front of ya!
And of course, without second word, we start to "pour" our mushroom soup into our stomach.

Never fail on remembering to take photos of us enjoying every minutes at the Pizza Hut!

Feeling hungry? YumYum mushy soup! We heart you!

Feeling hungry yet?

So soon ah? You haven't even seen the VIP for the day yet!
After a 5minutes wait (I think so? Not sure how long) and here come the Fish King!


I think you guys might want to know about the ingredients that "BUILT" up this mouth watering pizza!

Well, it's actually made from specially imported Alaskan Pollock, crabstick, Mozarella Cheese,, roasted capsicums, yellow onions, juicy pineapples. And all these all on a cool lime mayo sauce!
And not forgetting about the fish fingers!

Oi! Your saliva is dripping already la! Go get yourself tissues!

Time to show you guys some photos of us munching on the pizza!


And now, a closer look at the fish fingers! Look at the slices of it! Whoaaaaa! HAHAHA!

Hannar Hannar! 1 ugly photo of me eating my pizza!

Munch Munch and Munch! and finallllyyy.. We are full :) Good news Good News!

Hey Wait! The stand post has something to sayyyyyyyyyy!

Sorry Mr FisherMan. Maybe next time :)

Hey! What was that?! A candid?

No! It is not a candid! Let me focus on what I am trying to show you all!

That's right :) Him! Not me. Why?

Cause I find him VERY rude on looking and starring at Wilson.

I didn't know it, until Wilson told me about it.

"Eh, the guy behind you ah, he kept on peeping at us leh?"

Don't he know that looking and starring at people while they are eating IS VERY VERY VERY RUDE? And no! He is not peeping OVER at our table for like just several times.. He was doing it ALL THE WHILE ever since he sat himself down. And until WE LEFT! What is wrong with him?

Are we some kind of freak to him? Uhhhhh!
Had good moment with Fish King Pizza, had good conversation and good time with Wilson. And that rude geek is the only thing that makes the outing incomplete! Gaaahhh!!

Hmm.. Got to say that it is one good night outing for me and Wilson! Thanks to Pizza Hut for the yummy Pizzzzzzaaaa! And also for the remarkable moment. Bahaha!

Well, I guess I'll also have to thanks that rude guy for a memorable time at Pizza Hut huh? Will always remember that I've been peeped when I was having my Fishy Pizza! Geez!

Gonna sign this off with 3 last photos of us!

Cute right!?!?!? They even have a staff who dressed in a fisherman's outfit.
And Yea! I took a photo with her.. Why not!? :P

Cheese Everyone! Chheeseee! V