Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What should I do?

Man! I got so many things in my head to blog, but I just don't know what and which to blog about! Damn it =O!

Why I don't know what to blog about? It's because, some are just completely unable to describe by words, you need to feel it to know how it's like, and for some reason, I got to respect my cousin and my buddy's privacy. There is really too much in my head to be blog about, and I am really out of words.

But for today, I felt so much like splitting all my cousin and my buddy's stuff out on here.
What should I do? I can't say anything about it, and yet I felt like saying something about it.
I felt stupid... lol
And now, I am like the middle person between one of my buddy and my cousin. But that's okay, I am not complaining anything about it.. just telling you guys about this.

I am currently at my work place right now, and I know i got tons and tons of works are waitting for me to finish, but... I just don't felt like doing anything but blog right now.. I just don't have the mood for work. Overloaded works are really killing me, I have to look after more than 500 components in my store, and some other incoming and outgoing shit. Other than this, my boss is adding more and more things to me, and I am really out of breath. I think I might die one day in this company when I am working halfway... LOL!

I was soooo exhausted yesterday, been rushing for my work whole day long, and when it is time to end my work, I was like .. " My gosh, my hands are hurting, my neck is hurting either, and I am really going to sleep in 1minutes after i lied on my bed"
I still have to worry about my schooling stuff, for not to miss the next intake again. I need to get everything done before the application date is close. And I asked my cousin to helped me on it, and I wonder how is it going right now.
And whenever my mum called me, or I called my mum, she told me alot about our family's problems. And whenever she told me about it, I had headache.
Am i worrying too much or what.. ?
My job...My buddies's problems...My school's stuff... My family....

Alright guys.. Guess I'll just stop it here for this time..
And guess what~? Im having my hair cut this coming weekend! Woots! Can't wait for it! I love to have a new looks, and I wonder how will I looks like this time. =D

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